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Над сайтом и его наполнением всё ещё ведётся работа, поэтому не судите строго.

No External Links 1.0.10

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About This File

The No External Links plugin allows you to hide external links in user-published articles, posts, and comments, making them internal. This helps to save the page weight, which has a positive effect on search optimization. Users who click on these links will be redirected to the desired site.

Plugin Features

  • There are several redirect methods
    • Simple Redirect
      When the user clicks on the link they will immediately be redirected to an external site.
    • Simple Redirect with Message
      When the user clicks on the link they will see the message 'Redirecting you...', after which they will be redirected to an external site.
    • Custom Page
      When the user clicks on the link they will see your page with the 'Continue to External Site' button. You can change this page in the core → global → plugins → relRedirect template.
    • Services Anon.to, Anonym.to, NullRefer.com, Redirect.am
      You can also add any other service at your choice.
  • You can enable the plugin only for specific groups, for example, only for guests.

Additional Information

  • No additional actions are needed. The plugin will start working with the redirect method Simple Redirect once it is installed.
  • The plugin works with all links in all publications, messages, comments, and reviews published over time.
  • In rare cases, the plugin may not work in some third-party applications.
  • The plugin does not work with Link type field in the Pages application.

What's New in Version 1.0.10   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

Short Description

Замена ссылок на внешние веб-сайты внутренними ссылками с переадресацией, что улучшает поисковую оптимизацию.

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