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Prevent Proxy Registration 1.0.1

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About This File

Prevent Proxy Registration allows you to block, prevent or hold registrations made from proxies, TOR or 'bad' IP adresses.

It uses IP Intelligence Service API for the best effect. You will like it!

Plugin Features

  • You can choose which detection mode will be used. See Variations of Implementation and What are dynamic checks? articles for more information.
  • You can whitelist some IPs (e.g. your own proxy) if you want. Whitelisted IPs will not be checked when registering, so no API calls will be made.
  • You can control how trigger system will works. There are two variants:
    • Exact - Takes action when system absolutely know IP is proxy.
    • Smart - You can choose different actions which will be taken depending on probability IP is proxy.
  • You can choose different actions which will be taken both for Exact and Smart modes. There are 4 actions available:
    • Allow - Allow user to register as normal
    • Hold - Flag the account for manual review
    • Ban - Register the account but immediately ban it
    • Forbid - Do not allow the user to register at all
  • You can change error message (which displayed to member when registration was forbad) using language system - see string pproxy_error.

Additional Information

  • IP Intelligence API requires email address when making API calls. Plugin will use your incoming email address by default, but you can provide another email address if you want.
  • Plugin works perfectly with cURL version 7.36 or higher. If you have version lower than 7.36 and have problems when registering (e.g. false alarms), add this string into your constants.php file (see that article for more information):
define( 'FORCE_CURL', TRUE );

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

Short Description

Предотвращение регистраций, совершённых с подозрительных IP-адресов, определяемых с помощью сервиса IP Intelligence.

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